Various Artists "Broken Trampled Fences" Tonewrecker 14
A1 - Paul Birken "Gila Hamster"
A2 - Steph "Poltergeist"
B1 - Beni "Justyna"
B2 - Dan Monox "Una Verdadera Fuerza"
[Listen to Samples at I-O ]

Various Artists "I'm In The Pocket" Tonewrecker 13
A1 - Paul Birken "I'm In The Pocket (Paul Birken's 34 Divides 16 Kangaroos Mix)"
A2 - Cannibal Cooking Club "I'm In The Pocket (Cannibal Cooking Club's Pocketwrecker Mix)"
B1 - Miro Pajic "I'm In The Pocket (Miro Pajics After Party Mix)"
B2 - TJR "I'm In The Pocket"

Paul Birken "Junk Profanity" Tonewrecker 12
A1 - Paul Birken "Fender Bender" [ listen ]
A2 - Paul Birken "A Depiction of Eviction" [ listen ]
B1 - Paul Birken "Floor Wax" [ listen ]
B2 - Paul Birken "Camp Spooky"

Release Date: By Christmas 2006
Distributed by: Veto UK

It's a repress!

Dj Bam Bam & Paul Langley "Skyline Components" Tonewrecker 06

Tonewrecker 06 [ info & samples ] has been repressed in a limited run of Green Vinyl!

Tonewrecker is distributed by the fine folks at Veto UK so you can get in touch directly with them or ask your local record retailer to.

This is an older set, ok, just aging. It's not really old yet. it's from January 11th, 2003 and it's the Microhouse/chordy/jazzy side of Paul.

Enjoy the Download!

Download: Paul Birken Live @ Microhouse Dinkytowner

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