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Miro is one of the characters of the legendary PCP family / Frankfurt a.M. in the nineties. along with Marc Acardipane (the Mover) he has released on most of the PCP- internal labels with more than a dozen of different aliases. up to date he can count around 70 vinyl releases.

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Lex Patternson AKA Hydro:
born 1974, first experiments with selfmade synths in his youth, dj since 1992, producer since 1998, cannibal cooking club founded in 1999 together with yastin byrd, influenced by the brigthon sound, industrial sounds and 80ies electronic music

Yastin Byrd AKA Error:
born 1980, producer since 1998, cannibal cooking club founded together with lex patternson in 1999, dj since 2000, influenced by damaged instruments, musique concrete, the sound of old home computers and the new crackling miami sound,

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Axel Sohns was born in Wiesbaden, Germany and discovered his love to electronic music with the age of 14 years, during he was listening to the HR3 Clubnight show. After time the music became more important for axel. When he accidently found a cd with a style, which is called "Brighton", the chaos was perfect and he was more and more sold of experimental music. Since many years Axel collects records and sees himself more than the collecter than the DJ. Mixing in general doesnt give him the joy, so he began to experienced with music software. After a while he bought his first hardware equipment and since 2000 he is building up a small musicstudio.

Axel's Label: KittyCorner Records
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Mark Hawkins is in the vanguard of the new wave of new wave UK techno. Beginning his career in 1999 with a split EP with Michael Forshaw on the latter's much loved Chan 'n' Mike's label, Hawkins was soon noticed by Saskia Slegers for whom he has now recorded 6 eps on her well known Djax Up Beats imprint. He has also released on, amongst others, Pro-jex, Mosquito and Hörspielmusik.

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Ian Lehman is one of the hottest emerging techno producers from the United States. In 2001, he formed Abiotic Recordings with long-time friend Dustin Zahn. He quickly moved on to release multiple solo records on a plethora of labels such as Drumworks, Compound, Blueline, Hidden Agenda and more. Together with Dustin Zahn he's also formed 1/2 of The Attack People, whose releases span across labels such as Abiotic and Mankind. Many producers these days do not have a distinguishable sound, but this isn't the case for Ian Lehman. His tracks are linear, dark, and heavily textured DJ tools written exclusively for techno's most daring DJs.

Paul started DJing in '85 playing Hip-Hop / Soul and mixed his way into the DMC mixing championships in '88. Joined a Hip-Hop group called Sylk Kutin 88 and played a mini UK tour with De La Soul / Sugar Bear. In late '88 he started buying House / Techno and moved into the new Acid house scene. Got into Techno in 93 when going to his first Lost party, this was a major turning point for him, musically.

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Originally known as DJ Groovespot way way back, this one time long hair Kinko's copy geek and one man circus has walked quite the path and forged a name for himself and the great North. Early rumblings came in the form of a tip sheet. The "Disco Family Plan" editions ran from late 91 up till about late 92 early 93. Contributors included local DJ's; Craig Thran, Mr. E-tones, John Schultz, Kava Supreme, Kevin Cole, Tom Spiegel, Freddy Fresh and eventually branched out with Repete, Adam X and many more from around the surrounding regions.

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Setting up shop in the beautiful borough of Brooklyn, Tony Rohr has had a steady output of atmospheric, yet dance floor friendly releases. Sometimes labeled "Voodoo Techno", his sound actually varies from release to release. Whether it is a tech-house classic like "Baile Conmigo", freaked out noise funk on the label Tonewrecker with Paul Birken, experimental chillout with group Carlito Verde, or a dubbed out techno stormer like "Yadda Yadda Yadda" his sound never quite gets pigeon holed.

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For the last 20 years, Paul has been developing and exploring his love for the limitless potential that exists when you chain together synths, sequencers, samplers, and drum machines. From those early teen days with his old Commodore 64 computer and a few synths through the present (with an ever-changing studio and gear arsenal), the ability to create grooves and trax that you can get into and get down with has allowed him to branch into the techno/house/electro world. Over the past 8 years, Paul has had the opportunity to put out solo releases and remixes on various electronic labels.

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