Various Artists "Broken Trampled Fences" Tonewrecker 14
A1 - Paul Birken "Gila Hamster"
A2 - Steph "Poltergeist"
B1 - Beni "Justyna"
B2 - Dan Monox "Una Verdadera Fuerza"
[Listen to Samples at I-O ]

Various Artists "I'm In The Pocket" Tonewrecker 13
A1 - Paul Birken "I'm In The Pocket (Paul Birken's 34 Divides 16 Kangaroos Mix)"
A2 - Cannibal Cooking Club "I'm In The Pocket (Cannibal Cooking Club's Pocketwrecker Mix)"
B1 - Miro Pajic "I'm In The Pocket (Miro Pajics After Party Mix)"
B2 - TJR "I'm In The Pocket"

Paul Birken "Junk Profanity" Tonewrecker 12
A1 - Paul Birken "Fender Bender" [ listen ]
A2 - Paul Birken "A Depiction of Eviction" [ listen ]
B1 - Paul Birken "Floor Wax" [ listen ]
B2 - Paul Birken "Camp Spooky"

Release Date: By Christmas 2006
Distributed by: Veto UK

It's a repress!

Dj Bam Bam & Paul Langley "Skyline Components" Tonewrecker 06

Tonewrecker 06 [ info & samples ] has been repressed in a limited run of Green Vinyl!

Tonewrecker is distributed by the fine folks at Veto UK so you can get in touch directly with them or ask your local record retailer to.

This is an older set, ok, just aging. It's not really old yet. it's from January 11th, 2003 and it's the Microhouse/chordy/jazzy side of Paul.

Enjoy the Download!

Download: Paul Birken Live @ Microhouse Dinkytowner

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A Paul Birken live set is online and available for download!

Music bits:
An hour's worth of cuts and reworks, effects and weird scratches by artists like Frankie Bones, Joey Beltram, Adam Beyer, Andrei Morant, Dj ESP, Tony Rohr, Dj Sneak (oldschool!!), Dj HMC, Nigel Richards, Dj Rush, Christian Morganstern, Mika, Bob Brown, Terry Mullan, Angel Alanis, Dietrich Schoenenman, Dj Urban, and myself (Paul Birken).

Tech bits:
Acid 3.0 (final mixdown was 855 tracks! - unlike Ableton which I use now, each snippet in Acid required it's own track...damn damn)
Tuareg 1.5
Soundforge 5 bunch o' plugs
wavesurgeon 2.56

How it happened bits:
Lots of pieces dumped and loaded on the MPC2000xl like I'd do for a liveset.. cut up, filtered, run off through the patch bay into effects, crossfaded and recorded back in.

mix slows from 138 bpm to 105 bpm and then goes back up to around 135 somewhere in the middle...mostly done as an experiment learning smooth tempo changes in the program.

Machines....shut down...think about it

Download the Archive

Various Artists "Circling The Wagons" Tonewrecker 11
A1 - Paul Birken "Cats Drink Jag" listen
A2 - Axel Sohns "Analog Komplex" listen
B1 - Sunil Sharpe "Monster Load" listen
B2 - Naotaka Anada "TypeK" listen

Apparently things are cooking over at chez Birken. Paul informs me that Tonewrecker #11 is forming. It's an as yet unnamed EP, but it does include tracks by the following:

Axel Sohns (Germany)
Sunil Sharpe (Ireland)
Naotaka Anada (Japan)

And of course some damage from Paul Birken himself. As far as information goes that's really the gist of it so far. Although I could include the description as well..."...pretty varied and assorted mix of hard relentless grooves and some quirk and jerk. All techno..all the time.". If that alone doesn't sell you on the record I don't know what will.

I'm sure audio samples and artwork are forthcoming...

Paul Birken "Hors Série 05" L'Hallucidité 05

A1 -Chatterbox
A2 - Diabolic
B1 - Mixaway
B2 - Puzzlebox

These tracks are old birken goodies re-released
"I also just gave the dat masters to a guy in france for a 4 tracker of 500 limited copies. Just my name on it and some lightning bolt. "puzzlebox" from the bobaflux ep on Nu-futura, "Mix Away" from Surfin' Superior, "Diabolic" from Son of Gonzo ep, and "Chatterbox" from Speaker Freakin'. Nice little surprise for people. He said they like to play that shit @ 175 bpm in France!! Damn! haha"

Paul Birken "Storm Serge" Audio Textures 08
A1 - making landfall
A2 - what ya got?
B1 - spitoon platoon
B2 - making landfall - mark hawkins remix

This EP is now out and available at your better record stores!


Is ready for World-Domination!

Download Paul Birken Live at Rizumu