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Paul Birken Live Studio Set Aired on Bleep Radio

A Paul Birken live set is online and available for download!

Music bits:
An hour's worth of cuts and reworks, effects and weird scratches by artists like Frankie Bones, Joey Beltram, Adam Beyer, Andrei Morant, Dj ESP, Tony Rohr, Dj Sneak (oldschool!!), Dj HMC, Nigel Richards, Dj Rush, Christian Morganstern, Mika, Bob Brown, Terry Mullan, Angel Alanis, Dietrich Schoenenman, Dj Urban, and myself (Paul Birken).

Tech bits:
Acid 3.0 (final mixdown was 855 tracks! - unlike Ableton which I use now, each snippet in Acid required it's own track...damn damn)
Tuareg 1.5
Soundforge 5 bunch o' plugs
wavesurgeon 2.56

How it happened bits:
Lots of pieces dumped and loaded on the MPC2000xl like I'd do for a liveset.. cut up, filtered, run off through the patch bay into effects, crossfaded and recorded back in.

mix slows from 138 bpm to 105 bpm and then goes back up to around 135 somewhere in the middle...mostly done as an experiment learning smooth tempo changes in the program.

Machines....shut down...think about it

Download the Archive