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Paul Birken "Junk Profanity" Tonewrecker 12

Paul Birken "Junk Profanity" Tonewrecker 12
A1 - Paul Birken "Fender Bender" [ listen ]
A2 - Paul Birken "A Depiction of Eviction" [ listen ]
B1 - Paul Birken "Floor Wax" [ listen ]
B2 - Paul Birken "Camp Spooky"

Release Date: By Christmas 2006
Distributed by: Veto UK


We are an independant Label based in Paris.
Iam Guillaume Loizillon, one of the animator of this label. I was recently in Minneapolis to attend Spark Festival.
We send you this message to make you know our productions via our wesite and perhaps to imagine some future collaborations ...

Guillaume Loizillon

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